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This is a series of games which are created by multiple people in an exquisite corpse fashion.


The branches as of now

Each game has 2 (or sometimes more) endings. As a dev, you can choose any ending and add your own game to it which will itself have 2 endings. Play the first game directly here:

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The first game in the series is called The legend. You can learn more about it here. Games in this wiki are identified by a string of letters, usually A is for victory endings, B is for defeat endings, and C is for additionnal endings. If you add a game, make sure to link all possible endings and link them correctly even if the corresponding pages don't exist yet.

The rulesEdit

  • Each game must be browser-based for easy navigation between games with URLs
  • Window size must be 1024x576, but actual resolution can be whatever you want (for instance 512x288 for a more retro feel)
  • Each game follows one of the endings of a previous game and continues the timeline from there.
  • The minimal amount of endings is 2: "the player wins" or "the player loses", you are free to add more endings if you see fit.
  • Everything that happened in the previous games of your timeline MUST be respected. Do not retcon anything in your timeline.
  • Link to the previous game in your game's description page.
  • List all endings on the game's description page and link to the next games in the series if asked to.
  • Make the source code and resources of your game available (typically by uploading a zip file of your project folder)

General guidelines Edit

  • Don't spend too much time on a game. Ideally each game should be coded in 2 or 3 days.
  • Join our discord server if you have any questions about timeline continuity: 
  • Mouse-only games are recommended but you can also add keyboard inputs. If you do, make sure to multiply inputs (a.k.a: arrow keys do the same thing as WASD an ZQSD for European keyboards) avoid controllers at all costs, because not everyone owns one.
  • Try to leave obscure elements in your endings. This has two advantages: it serves as a cliffhanger to get players more invested, and it allows more freedom for other devs.
  • Consider using the resources that are already available from other games to speed up development

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